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Central Asia – The New Middle East? posted by jwatson on Dec 30, 2011

John Sorensen visited Central Asia in December and shared with me trials of pain and persecution like he never imagined. “In terms of the radical, extreme, harsh Islamic mindset, it is one of the most dangerous areas for Christian ministry on the planet earth,” John exclaimed.

John met with Jamal, an EE area representative formally from Kazakhstan. Jamal was forced out of Kazakhstan due to extreme persecution. “The pockmarks on his skull from people throwing stones at him are proof,” recalls John.

But in the face of persecution, the Gospel enlarges. Jamal’s relocation compelled 11 other EE disciples who remain in Kazakhstan to carry on the work that Jamal began.

Central Asia has become a challenging area to spread the Gospel. And that may be my understatement of the year. Yet, in the face of harrowing threats on lives of EE staff, God causes the work to not only continue but to flourish.

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