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One Changed Life Impacts Many Others posted by jwatson on Feb 17, 2011

From left: Rev. Art Hallett, Pastor Mike Avato, and Rick Stuebe.

Rick Stuebe studied faithfully to learn how to share the Gospel with others using his EE training. For many years following his training, he continued to be an effective witness leading many to the Lord.

This may sound like the story of many others, except Rick received his EE training in prison! Rick has since been released from prison and serves the Lord at his church, the Tradewinds Church in South Pasedena, Florida.

His heart for evangelism compelled him to speak with his pastor and share his vision for EE outreach at the church. Shortly after, Rick contacted the one who first introduced him to EE while he was in prison, Rev Art Hallett, Director of North American Prison Ministries for Evangelism Explosion International. Art was contacted and last fall Rick brought his pastor, Mike Avato, and 16 other leaders from his church to a Share Your Faith Workshop that Art was teaching in Tampa. After the workshop, Rick continued to rally the momentum at his church and shortly thereafter, we received the following email:

Dear Art,

Hope this arrives to find you well and in good spirits!

This letter is long overdue and an answer to prayers. To share with you EE outside of the prison walls, after so many years inside, and introduce you to my church family, is an awesome honor! God is faithful!!!

Thanks so much for the time you spent with us last month in Tampa. We all learned a lot and are implementing EE i our church. We are currently on Session 5 of Ev2, and preparing for our next step, after we complete this first phase of training.

Pastor Mike asked me to contact you regarding a workshop in our church. Having you facilitate the workshop would be an honor and motivation for all of us, during this important transition in our church. We know you are extremely busy and hope you can fit us in your schedule.

Please contact us at your convenience to discuss the evolution of EE in our community. You are in our prayers. Thank you, Art! We look forward to speaking with you soon.

The EE ministry of spiritual multiplication is ongoing at Tradewinds Church in South Pasedena, Florida. For more information on EE Prison Ministry, visit Click on ‘Ministry’ where you’ll find Prison EE.

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