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Children Make Great Missionaries posted by John Sorensen on Mar 19, 2019


Did you know that children make great missionaries?  And I don’t mean when they’re older.  I mean when they’re young.  Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Have you ever noticed how children overflow with excitement as they eagerly share the Good News of Jesus with their family and friends?  We hear testimonies from all over the world of adults who come to Christ because of children who’ve learned how to share their faith.  In South Africa, 11 year old Ophelia was learning to share her faith and so she’d share with her Mom and Grandmother what she was learning.  It wasn’t long before they both received the free-gift of eternal life.   And today, all three are active members in the church.  Then there’s Pamela from Honduras.  She learned how to share her faith and then went straight to prison.  You see, she was on a mission to share what she had learned with her uncle. And she did!  They prayed and her uncle believed!  The stories are endless because children really do make great missionaries.  To learn how you can help equip the children in your life to share their faith, visit

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