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Children’s Ministry posted by John Sorensen on Dec 02, 2019

The boy never smiled due to his hard life that made him grow up too fast. He was uninterested in any activity, really. But, by the end of the end of the Explorer’s Club semester, the boy had hope. He was changed! Only the Lord can recover someone who has been so broken and hopeless.

What led to this boy having hope in Jesus? Well, are you familiar with Explorers Club? What about Hope for Kids? You know, the Gospel is for everyone, everywhere. So, shouldn’t we be giving our children the tools they need to share the Gospel?

EE has partnered with The Mailbox Club to bring the Explorers Club, as part of Hope for Kids to churches worldwide. These classes will teach children how to both understand the Gospel and then share it with others.

Hope for Kids clearly explains each part of the Gospel in a fun and easy to remember way without diluting the power of God’s Word. In fact, Monique Godfrey, the U.S. Hope for Kids Coordinator, says that each time Hope for Kids is presented, the kids go crazy over the line that says ‘God’s Word is powerful!’

You see, kids aren’t just our future; they’re our here and now. The Gospel is for everyone to receive and to share. Hope for Kids equips children to share the Gospel in a fun and effective way.


Each week, they will be one step closer to sharing the Gospel, with ‘AHA!’ Moments of their own, along the way. We’ve had several churches tell us that as children are going over their material at home each week, the parents have been convicted and then started going to church.

God’s Word is powerful! Out of the mouth of babes!

This is our focus this week at Evangelism Explosion through our social media channels and our daily broadcast. We want everyone to be equipped to share their faith, no matter what their age.

May God richly bless you as you prepare your children to share their faith.

This is a transcript of Share Life with John

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