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Christ Is The Answer posted by John Sorensen on Sep 25, 2015


The Gospel continues to spread to more and more people in the Caribbean islands, and I find the names of some of their churches very revealing.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. The name of one particular church in Barbados makes me smile. The name is “Christ is the Answer Family Church”. I mean they get right to the point. There’s no guessing what “Christ is the Answer Family Church” is all about. And they have a passion to share “Christ as the Answer” with the lost. During one weekend of evangelism on the streets of Barbados there were 67 professions of faith in Christ; it was only one outing that took a few hours. They are passionate about taking the Good News of the Gospel to others because Jesus is the answer as the name of their church clearly states.

Are you passionate about taking this Good News to others? Well we can help you at where you’ll find tips, tools and other Gospel resources that give you a voice and a purpose in Christ’s mission.

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