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Christmas Prayers posted by John Sorensen on Dec 17, 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Are you ready for all of the last-minute holiday shopping, the festivities…the family? You know, that last one, family, can bring some stress into our Christmas season. I know we’re supposed to be grateful for family and excited to see folks we haven’t in a while, but sometimes, it just isn’t very pleasant. Maybe you have family who aren’t believers and it can become tense. Just don’t bring up politics or religion and you’ll be fine, right?

Instead of bringing up religion at the Christmas dinner table, bring up your life changing relationship with Jesus. You might be thinking, ‘John, you don’t know Uncle Bill. He’s the head of the anti-Jesus-conversation-committee. It’s easier to keep my mouth shut.’

While that may be easier, Uncle Bill just hasn’t experienced the grace and hope of Jesus yet and you have!

There are plenty of ways you can share the Gospel without getting everyone in defense mode. Begin praying now for opportunities to share the Gospel.

Just having your eyes open and ready will give you opportunities you may have never seen before.

Secondly, most Christmas gatherings revolve around two things – food and presents. We can use this to the Gospel advantage!

Before mealtime, ask if you can pray. Now, don’t say “thanks for the food, God, Amen.’ Use this opportunity to present the Gospel! As you pray, thank Jesus for His abundant grace and love in your life. Thank Him giving you the free gift of salvation and for the forgiveness of sins. In your prayer, ask God to show Himself to anyone in the room who may not know Him and thank Him for each person.

Before opening presents, there are a couple things you can do to bring Jesus into the center of attention! Suggest that everyone go around and share how they’ve felt blessed this year – create an environment of gratitude. You can express your thankfulness for the season and explain that it’s ultimately a representation of God’s intention to bring people to Himself. Thank God for the gift of redemption in front of your family and friends.

You can also ask to share the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2 and bring in other Scripture that tells of the heart of God. For example, you could recite John 3:17 – ‘For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.’ Briefly share how glad you are that He came into our world to redeem us so that we may walk in His love and peace!

Remember, if you’ll be willing to open your mouth for Christ, God will use you!

This is our focus this week at Evangelism Explosion through our social media channels and our daily broadcast. Visit ShareLife.Today for resources to help you in your prayer life.

May God richly bless you this week as you become more intentional in prayer and sharing your God story.

This is a transcript from Conversations with John #20

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