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Christmas without Christ posted by John Sorensen on Dec 19, 2011

This morning I watched a haunting message from Dr. Kennedy. He started with the Christmas story that we all know from Luke Chapter 2. Then read that familiar phrase, “Because there was no room for Him in the Inn.” That phrase struck me in a new way… It saddens me that Jesus has never been welcome here…

He gave several examples of how Christ has been removed from Christmas in recent years:

1- Senator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma told of how the Christmas parade would now no longer be called that in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are now calling it the Parade of Lights. The Senator promised not to participate any longer. The good news is that Christians joined together and made a second parade called the Christmas Parade! You can see a story on it here: Christmas Parade Story

2- Dr. Kennedy shared how the Christmas Boat Parade also removed the name of Christ.

3- $500,000 was spent building a statue of Quetzacoatl in San Jose. This is the god that they would worship by tearing out the beating hearts of victims to the amusement of all those watching… No room for Jesus, but we’re good with a statue to a blood thirsty god…

4- Last, he mentioned something that Ann and I experienced just a few days ago. We went into a card store looking for a Christmas card with Christ’s name on it. We couldn’t find one. When you can, there are just a few and they are in a little section labeled “Religious.”

Imagine, the celebration of Christ’s birth with no mention of Him!

It’s a great encouragement to me to speak up. I hope it is for you as well. Let’s make the week of Christmas a great time to proclaim the truth of Jesus and put, as much as we are able, Christ back into Christmas… At least ours.

Also: You can watch the show here: I’m excited to hear that Truth in Action Ministries will create several primetime documentaries next year on this critical issue…

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