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Church Outreach posted by John Sorensen on Jan 16, 2017


Does your church do planned outreach into the community that includes sharing the Gospel?  If so, I’d love to share some of the ideas on Share Life Today.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  We’ve shared about a church setting up a prayer booth at a local farmers market and another church that uses a dartboard and a questionnaire on a college campus every fall.  Students who express an interest in the Gospel, receive follow-up visits.  Another idea is one I heard about recently where the church receives permission to have a bar-be-cue in a local neighborhood.   A few days before the event, the church youth go door-to-door letting the people know they’re coming.  And if no one’s home, they leave a door hanger advertising the event.  Then, on the day of the bar-be-cue the church provides games for the children and members socialize with the adults and children with the goal of sharing the Gospel.  All three examples show an intentionality on the part of the church members to share their faith.  To watch a few videos showing these and other creative outreach ideas, visit

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