Apr 20

CLA Conference posted by John Sorensen on Apr 20, 2010

Conference can be tough on the seat. I mean, I’m just not built to sit all day and listen. But when I do, I am always blessed.

Today I had the chance to spend the day in San Diego at the Christian Leadership Alliance conference.

I came because one of my mentors, Dr. Jerry White, suggested that I do. What I took away was challenging.

I need to do better in social media. One of the speakers has a blog with over 100,000 readers! His blog is so helpful to encourage communication within his organization.

David Kinnaman from the Barna Group gave a great talk on generations and I’m encouraged with how much God has already done in EE with XEE.

I’m going to get the CDs and share them with some of the leaders that I deal with. And I reminded that we all need to be learning and sharing what we learn.


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