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Commitment Question posted by John Sorensen on Dec 01, 2017


For many of us, it’s easy to talk to people about spiritual things but much more difficult to reach a point of decision and then to ask, “Would you like to receive this free gift of eternal life?”

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Avoiding that critically important question is like leaving someone stranded with a flat tire in a rainstorm.  Well actually, no, it’s much more serious than that.  When talking to someone about Christ, we need to clarify their understanding of the Gospel and then ask them the Commitment question about whether they would like to receive the gift of eternal life.  And don’t be surprised when they say “Yes!”.  Then, be prepared to actually lead them in a prayer of commitment.  I recommend you pray for them that God would give them faith and repentance.  Then, pray with them in short phrases, allowing them to repeat after you and, finally, ask the Holy Spirit to give them assurance.  Your friend will be eternally grateful when you do.  Visit for more free Gospel resources.

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