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Communication posted by John Sorensen on Apr 27, 2016


Did you know that when you communicate with someone only 7 % of your total communication is the words that you use?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Research has shown that we communicate more by our tone of voice than by our words.  In fact, 38 percent of what we communicate is how we say it.  For example, you can tell someone that, “Jesus has changed my life,” or you can says “JESUS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.”  The words are the same but the tone communicates two very different things.  And then there’s our body language.  55 percent of what we communicate comes from our body language and other non-verbal communication.  So, if you’re not making eye contact while your trying to tell someone about Jesus, you might actually be telling them that your distracted and not all that interested in them.  Of course, it’s the Holy Spirit who convicts and draws people to Himself, but it’s helpful to remember all the different ways we communicate with people.  For more help, visit us at  

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