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Community Groups posted by John Sorensen on Jun 15, 2016


Our hectic lifestyles are in re-defined community groups, and I’m not talking about our Sunday schools and weekday Bible studies.

Hi, this is John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion International. These new community groups I’m speaking of are parents and even grandparents gathered at the local youth baseball diamond, the club volleyball tournament and the high school soccer game. We have before us hundreds of community groups, and it creates such an incredible opportunity to talk to people about Jesus at every ball field, recital hall and dance studio you visit. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ book titled, ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ . . . and oh what you’ll accomplish for Kingdom work when you’re prepared to share the Gospel. Need help? Visit where you’ll discover Gospel resources including a mercy ministry tool that provides reading glasses for people who don’t have access or who couldn’t otherwise afford them. It’s a tool that can give your summer mission’s team a practical intro to sharing the Gospel. That’s

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