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Confidence posted by John Sorensen on Jan 27, 2016


Where is your confidence?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  The word CONFIDENCE comes from two Latin words: CON and FIDE…meaning “with faith.”  Let’s apply this word to Amos, the OT prophet.  He had a dual profession – a tender of fig trees and a shepherd.  Then, God called Amos and made him a prophet.  That’s quite a career change.  And any spokesman for God soon learns that some like his message and some don’t. The problem for Amos was that one of his detractors happened to be the King, who sent word to him to get out of the country immediately.  What did Amos do?  He replied confidently, with faith and trust, not in himself, but in his God.  “God told me to do this!”  And he kept doing it.  The proclaimer of the Gospel today is a spokesman for God.  Some will embrace the message…others will react against it.  We need to be like Amos, having the confidence that it is the Lord who told us to do this.

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