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Urgent COVID-19 Update posted by John Sorensen on Mar 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

Please know that all of us at Evangelism Explosion are praying for you and are concerned about your health and well-being during this uncertain time in our nation and in our world.

As we face the risks related to COVID-19, we have made an unprecedented decision in our ministry: to cease all public events for the next eight weeks. We are doing this in order to adhere to the recommendations of the U.S. Federal Government.

This decision will have a real impact on our current ministry here in the USA and internationally. Below are a few of the areas that will be effected:

• All EE events, workshops, launches, and banquets will be canceled or postponed through May 15.
Equip America events scheduled for Tucson, Puerto Rico, and Fresno will be rescheduled.
• Staff are refraining from unnecessary travel. We are following established quarantine procedures for those who must travel by air.

But rather than focus on what we cannot do, we have considered what we can do to continue equipping and ministering.

During this season, we are focusing on our online resources, like our GO2020 training. Groups can complete lessons and interact with one another online. Individuals can reach out over the phone—using an app such as FaceTime or through social media. We are already hearing stories of those using these tools to share Christ with family and friends.

And people are open! This is a tremendous opportunity for us, as believers, to minister to a world full of fear and uncertainty. We have hope in the midst of chaos. Our foundation is in Jesus Christ, and we know He is still on the throne! Let’s not be afraid to share that hope with others who need it.

Thank you for your prayers. Be assured of our prayers for you. May God bless you as you follow God’s guidance and live out your faith in these critical days.

Together in His service,

Rev. John B. Sorensen, D.D.
President and CEO
Evangelism Explosion International

Relevant Links:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
White House Guidelines:
GO2020 Online Training:
Questions about EE Policies: [email protected]

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