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Creativity posted by John Sorensen on Apr 18, 2016


Some people get really creative when it comes to sharing their faith in Jesus Christ, like Cliff and Eleanor.

This is John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Cliff and Eleanorlive in Marquette, Michigan. And every fall, during the first week of school at Northern Michigan University, they’re there at the school’s Fall Fest activities. Cliff was a professor there for 25 years. So they keep in touch with the university through evangelism. During Fall Fest, they set up a booth outdoors, like others do, to promote their organizations. Only Cliff and Eleanorpromote Christ.  In their display is a dartboard and when students hit the bullseye, they win a soda. But to participate, they answer a spiritual questionnaire about Jesus and Heaven and it usually results in about 200 follow-up visits and many professions of faith in Christ. You know, you could do the same at a local college, a county fair or even at the local farmer’s market. Want to catch some of Cliff and Eleanor’s enthusiasm?  Go to and watch their interview.

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