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Curve-ball #1 – Did Jesus Come From Heaven? What’s Heaven Like? posted by jwatson on Jan 03, 2012

Around this time of the year someone, especially a child, might ask you where Jesus came from, and this would give you an opportunity to tell them about Heaven, and why it’s really important to make sure you go there too!

We often start off our presentation of the gospel with “Heaven is a free gift”. These days we can’t really be sure that people have any idea of what Heaven is like.

These are just some thoughts on what I might say. I’d like to encourage you to think about this, so that you may “be ready with an answer for the hope that is within you” 1 Peter 3:15.  Please add your comments to this blog post, I’d love to hear how you would answer this question!

Here goes –

“God has told us some things about Heaven, the place that Jesus came from.

Heaven is a wonderful place.

In Heaven there is no pain.

There is no death.

There are no tears, there’s no crying, weeping or grief.

There is no suffering.

There is no parting, no-one ever has to say “goodbye.”

There is no sin in Heaven. No greed, no anger, no violence, no theft, no deceit, no unfaithfulness …

In Heaven there is love, kindness, peace, friendship and joy.

And best of all, that’s where God is.

That’s where Jesus is from. Can you imagine what he had to leave behind for our sake?

God “inhabits eternity.” And that eternity is not a vast, empty, cold place. It is a place filled with complete joy, love and peace. That’s where Jesus is from.

Wouldn’t it be great to be there with him?”

And the great part about this answer is this:  If the person asks you what Hell is like, it’s an easy answer – “Everything that IS in Heaven, is NOT in Hell. You don’t want to go there!”

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