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Curve-ball #2 – Who is Jesus? posted by jwatson on Jan 04, 2012

“Every day more than eight hundred thousand people type the question “Who is Jesus?” into search engines. It’s obviously a very important question. In fact, it’s a life-and-death question!

I’ve thought about how I’d answer this, preceded of course with my favorite lead-in: “I’m so glad you asked…!”. How would you answer this? Please post your comments here, I’d love for you join the conversation, so we can sharpen one another up to give the best possible answer to a world starved for hope.

“Jesus is the creator God who has existed for all eternity. There came a moment in time when he created everything in the entire universe. People were part of that creation. We were a very special part of his creation, because we were able to relate to God, even though he is spirit.
Because we chose to rebel against him, we suffer spiritual death, with its attendant pain, suffering, greed, envy, malice, anger, hatred and selfishness.

Because we are unable to rescue ourselves from this condition (as history has proven), God himself had to become a human being, one who could destroy the curse of spiritual death by subjecting himself to its consequences in our place.

Jesus wasn’t just a human being that God wore like a garment. Jesus is fully human and fully God. This is impossible to understand, so don’t bother. Just accept the fact! One day he’ll explain it to us in person. Bring it on, Lord!

God calls Jesus his Son in the Bible. He is also called “the son of David” because of his royal human lineage.

This is who Jesus is.
He is God himself, who took on human likeness in order to rescue us from death. Because he is God, nothing is impossible for him.

Is he big enough for my problems? Yes.
Does he care? Yes. Enough to give his life for yours.
Does a relationship with him really work? Yes. It has changed my life completely, and many millions of people can say the same.

No-one who has trusted in Jesus Christ has ever said that he has let them down. Not one. Now that’s credibility!

Can you trust him? Oh, Yes!

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