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Curve-ball #3 – What is Jesus like? posted by jwatson on Jan 04, 2012

Years ago, when I met a girl who swept me off my feet, I’d mention her to my folks. They’d usually ask – “what’s she like?”. Besides “beautiful”, they wanted to know more. They weren’t too fussed about her grades, her (current) hair color or her height (or breadth). They were more interested in her values and her character.

Just imagine what you could say about Jesus! Please post your reply to this blog, now’s your chance to sing His praises …

“Jesus is the bravest man who ever lived. He willingly allowed himself to be tortured and killed in the most brutal way, even though he knew very well what was coming. All because he loved me, and knew that there was no other way to rescue me.

Jesus was uncompromising in his determination to do what was right. He wasn’t influenced in the slightest by popularity, or ridicule and rejection. Anyone who followed him knew that he would never be turned away, never rejected, never manipulated, never deceived, never exploited. Jesus would never ask anyone to do anything that he wasn’t prepared to do himself.

Jesus’ teaching was so refreshing. He loved people. He loved his Father. He wasn’t greedy, or proud or unfair. He wasn’t full of hatred for those who hounded him to death. He prayed for their forgiveness, and did good to those who did him wrong.

I saw the title of a book about the 1920’s Depression in a bookstore – “We Had Everything but Money”. That’s exactly it. Jesus revived our dream, in which friendships, family, upright living, sharing, compassion .. all the things that money can’t buy, were restored to their rightful place in our hearts.

He didn’t just teach kindness, goodness, joy, faithfulness and truth. He demonstrated them with grace, humility and strength of character.”

It’s easy to love  Jesus, once you know what he’s like.

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