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Curve-ball #7 – When will Jesus return? posted by jwatson on Jan 12, 2012

When will Jesus return?

This is how I would answer this question. How about you? Please comment on this post, I’d really like to hear your take on it:

“No-one has the faintest idea of when Jesus will return to the world. But we do know certain things about his return:

It will be completely unexpected. It will take most people by surprise. This means we must always be ready to receive him back with joy.

Jesus is coming to judge the earth and its people. This means we must deal with our sin problem now, while we have the opportunity. When Jesus returns it will be too late.

When Jesus came the first time, it was to save the world by his sacrificial death. When he comes again, it will be to finally destroy the devil and its works. We need to know whose side we’re on. It is going to be great for those who have put their trust in him. It will be extremely nasty for those who haven’t.

Don’t rely on signs, prophecies and wild speculation about his return. The world is full of deception, which can distract you from pursuing righteousness and true worship. Let’s serve the Lord and his people while we can.

Jesus did say that the gospel (the good news) must be preached to all nations before he returns. We can hasten his return by getting on with the job.

In our human relationships, we need to keep short accounts. Restore broken relationships NOW. Forgive and be forgiven. Put away bitterness, anger, envy, pride and greed. Pursue love, service, love and humility. Be ready to greet the Lord Jesus Christ when he returns as King of kings.”

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