Sep 15

Dad, They’re Watching You posted by John Sorensen on Sep 15, 2015


I think children should see examples of Christ’s manhood lived out in front of them by their dads.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Men are a vital part of the body of Christ and if that part is missing then a void exists. So men, my encouragement is to have a boldness to make witnessing part of your every day life.  And seeing you share your faith will have a profound impact on your children. A friend tells a story of how his involvement with evangelism impacted his seven-year-old son. They had just gotten home from errands and on this particular day the son grabbed a Gospel tract and ran it over to the neighbors who were not yet believers. So the dad followed the son instead of the other way around. Yes, they are watching us. So make witnessing as a way-of-life your passion.

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