Jun 12

Daily Radio: A Pattern posted by John Sorensen on Jun 12, 2015


Homebuilders follow a pattern.  It’s called a blueprint.  Chefs follow a pattern.  It’s called a recipe.  Over-the-road truckers follow a pattern.  It’s called a map.

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Patterns provide design and order and structure.  Even the apostle Paul used a pattern in his spiritual teaching.  “Follow the pattern of the sound teaching you have heard from me” is the instruction that he gave to his student, Timothy.

When it comes to explaining the Gospel to another person, a pattern is very important.  The Gospel is not just my testimony or talk about my church.  The Gospel is a Biblical explanation as to why Jesus, and what He did on the cross, is so very important to that person.  Share Life Today has an effective presentation of the Gospel that we teach people so they can be effective in sharing their faith.  To use Paul’s words, it is a pattern of sound teaching.  Visit so we can pass this Gospel pattern on to you.

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