Jun 10

Daily Radio: A Payday Ritual posted by John Sorensen on Jun 10, 2015


A payday ritual.  I wonder how many people have any kind of payday ritual.  I would guess not very many.

I’m John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion International.  Well, Daniel and Jessica certainly do have a payday ritual.  Every payday, they go to a Christian Bookstore and purchase a couple Christian DVDs which they pass out to their friends and co-workers.  This activity is supported behind the scenes in their personal prayer life, with the hope that the DVDs will open a discussion about spiritual matters.  And they’re amazed at how many times the Lord answers that prayer.

In fact, in just the last year, they have had the privilege of leading five people to saving faith in Jesus Christ.   What a creative idea for personal witnessing.  Join the growing number of people discovering the joy of sharing the Gospel each and every day.  Visit our website for more free Gospel resources.

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