Jun 16

Daily Radio: Bondservants posted by John Sorensen on Jun 16, 2015


When people question your faith, how do you respond?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Well, if we’re serving ourselves, we may be more concerned about making ourselves look good than we are about communicating the goodness of God.  But Paul reminds Timothy that he’s a bondservant of the Lord. And so are we. So in the face of questions about our faith, don’t quarrel.  Say a quick prayer asking God to give you the words to say and to help you remain calm.

Be kind to everyone who questions you – reasoning and teaching rationally and reasonably.  Be patient even if you’re put down because you’re willingness to engage in the conversation – even though awkward at times, may impact someone for eternity.  And if they have questions you can’t answer, offer to research the answer and set up a time to meet again.

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