Apr 22

Daily Radio: Conversations posted by John Sorensen on Apr 22, 2015


You know conversations should be a two-way street.

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. While we, as God’s witnesses, have incredible news to share with others about Jesus Christ, we need to remember that our Gospel conversations must involve the people that we’re talking to. It’s easy for us to be sharing this wonderful news and then suddenly realize that we’ve been the one doing ALL the talking. So remember to include your friend in the conversation by asking questions. Listen carefully as they talk so you can respond to their statements – not just prepare for the next thing that you’re going to say.

For example, before you talk to your friend about Jesus, ask them the question, “Who do you say Jesus is?” They’ll probably tell you good things about Him that you can build on.  Say, “You know, you’re right.” And then tell them about what He’s done for them. I hope this encourages you as you share life today. Visit for more free Gospel resources.

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