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Daily Radio: Gospel Must Be Spoken posted by John Sorensen on Apr 09, 2015


A survey was taken at Wheaton College, a Christian college near Chicago, and this question was asked:  When it comes to the Gospel, what is more important, the verbal message, deeds and actions, or both? And to my surprise, only two percent said the verbal message.

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Now, two things come to mind regarding this survey. First, you cannot share the Gospel by some form of osmosis. Words must be shared. Second, you can’t share the Gospel by a simple act of kindness alone.  While that act is wonderful, it points no one to Christ. The Bible is clear that the Gospel must be spoken with love, with grace and with winsomeness.

With a little training anyone can become a great  verbal Gospel witness and share life today with your friends, relatives, work associates, neighbors, even strangers that you meet. Visit us at for more free Gospel resources.

For an outline of the full Gospel presentation, review the Steps to Life.

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