May 27

Daily Radio: Lapels posted by John Sorensen on May 27, 2015


Grab someone by the lapels and ask him loudly, “Brother, are ya saved?”  Well that’s one way to begin a Gospel presentation. But I don’t recommend it.

This is John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. There is a more smooth and gradual transition into sharing your faith in Christ and it begins at what many would consider an unusual place—talking about the person’s secular life. That’s right where they are. Get to know them, listen to what they have to say, demonstrate that you’re interested in their life by asking about them, their history, their hobbies, their family and then listening to them as they talk.

By doing these things, we earn the right to ask more personal questions about their church background and even about a particular need you’re sensing they may have. Maybe there’s someone that you’re thinking about trying this with.  Go for it.  “Brother, are ya saved?” is bold all right. But it’s really not the best place to start.  For more free gospel tips and resources, visit

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