May 28

Daily Radio: Multiplication posted by John Sorensen on May 28, 2015


Today, a math lesson!

Start with one penny and add one penny each day for one month – 31 days.  Grand total – 31 cents.  Now, lets change from addition to multiplication. Start with one penny, then double it – each day – again for 31 days.  What is the total when we multiply instead of add? Over one billion pennies – over 10 million dollars!!

The New Testament book of Acts includes a number of numbers.  The early chapters highlight additions being made to the church daily.  In the middle, there’s a switch from addition to multiplication.   And great numbers were being saved.  Thousands upon thousands were believing.  Why the change?   Well, more and more witnesses were leading to more and more conversions – What a great legacy from the early church.

Today, we simply cannot settle for addition while the world’s population is multiplying!  So, visit for tips on how you can become a spiritual multiplier.

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