May 13

Daily Radio: Research and Return posted by John Sorensen on May 13, 2015


Have you ever thought that evangelism is for people who are ordained—you know, the theological giants?  Well it’s just not true.  It’s not only for them.

I’m John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion International.  You don’t have to have all the answers to step out and share your faith.  In fact, there very well may be a time when you won’t have an answer. But don’t let that keep you from trying.  There is a very simple solution:  You simply tell them that they ask a great question and that you’ll look into it and return with an answer. This gives you the opportunity to research the answer to their question as well as helps you build that relationship so you can go deeper with the Gospel. And it demonstrates a genuine care for them to want to get together with them again.

So, go for it, be intentional and share life with your friends today.  And we’re here to help you.  Visit us at for more free Gospel tips and resources – including our Answers to Tough Questions.

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