Jun 26

Daily Radio: Testimony Blues posted by John Sorensen on Jun 26, 2015


Have you ever started to write your testimony only to realize you don’t know where to start?  Or maybe you’ve gotten bogged down in the details.  Well, don’t give up.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  The Bible says that whoever has the Son has life.  So, we have eternal life and we should share that with others.  So our testimony becomes the first aspect of witnessing.  Ann told us that before she had eternal life she had no purpose or hope. When her mom died it threw her into depression.  But after someone shared with her how she could have eternal life in Christ, despair and depression were a thing of the past.

Ann has shared her testimony with countless people and with wonderful results.  And you can too.  Need help building your testimony?  Just go to and look for What’s My Story.  In a few easy steps you’ll create your testimony of how God has impacted your life and then head out and share that story with your friends.

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