Apr 30

Daily Radio: Upside Down posted by John Sorensen on Apr 30, 2015


I heard somebody say, I don’t want to “create waves” or “upset the apple cart.”  Well, I’m here to inform you that the Lord doesn’t call you to do that.  In fact, He calls you to something very different – to turn the world upside down.  And that’s a good thing.

This is John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion. Let me explain.  When the world was created it was perfect – right side up.  Then sin came into the world and it was turned upside down.

Now what happens if you turn something upside down, upside down? Well, then it’s right side up!

I use this term because the book of Acts does in 17:6. Those that were very vocal sharing the Gospel were charged at “turning the world upside down.”

So, how do we turn upside down lives right side up?  Well, it’s through the sharing of the glorious Good News of Jesus Christ.

So go into your world and share.   Those that you share with will be eternally grateful.  If you’d like help, we’d love to help you at

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