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Dear Friends posted by John Sorensen on Sep 08, 2008

One of the best things about being in ministry is the friendships that are formed across the nations of the world. Within EE, we have so many like-minded people with hearts that are so burdened for the lost.

One of my dear friends that I’ve gathered while traveling the world is Sasha.  Sasha and his wife Veronica serve in Kazakhstan, leading the EE ministry (for all of Central Asia) and helping churches to be effective in outreach.

Ann and I are on Sasha’s support team (as we encourage all EE staff to support others on staff).  Not too long ago, I received an update from Sasha.  I’d like to share it with you here:

Dear brother John,

How are you? We pray for you every time. I have good news. I’d like you join to our happiness in Asia. We’ve got an answer to our prayers in July. We prayed asking God for helpers for EE development in Kazakh churches.

Brother Asilbek moved from Nukus to Almaty this year. He was active in EE ministry in Karakalpakistan (part of Uzbekistan). He is Kazakh and he decided go back to historical fatherland. Asilbek is the official Kazakh EE field worker from first of July. He and his wife, Amangul, are bringing their small daughter up. He still has not living place, he has a small salary, but he has big wishes to serve to God. We ask you to pray for Asilbek and his family, that the Lord blesses their ministry and support them.

We had EE meeting for trainees. A pastor named Rishat came to this meeting. He was studying on the 13-weeks EE course in his church by his helper, Natasha, who was studying on 5 days EE clinic school. He said:

“Our study on EE was an answer to our prayer. We were praying during seven months. We needed to change something in our church’s evangelism. But we did not know what and how should we change? EE gave us an answer. The best thing about EE is the structure of sharing a Gospel. I thought that I am a good evangelist. I was sure that I can share a Gospel well. But my mind was absolutely changed when I studied EE course. Before, I was sharing the Gospel as a Bible Institute course. I was beginning in Genesis and going to Revelation, but people did not understand. Sometimes I did not know, what will I tell if I only have 15 minutes? I saw how natural Natasha talking with strangers. She could talk one or two more hours, but every times she knows what and how she will tell. I was astonished, it seemed as a heart-to-heart talk with friends. Now I know how to bring people to Christ! What part is important and what part I can tell them in a future, when they will receive a Christ. Praise The Lord for this ministry. We will develop EE in our church!”

Already we did 19 clinics in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. God blessed us and 38 new churches involved in EE ministry. We have many testimonies from pastors and trainees about what the EE ministry means to them. This is one of them:

Pastor Renat (on the right) is from Tatar. He can use four more languages; Kazakh, Uzbek, Uigur, Russian. I hope he will be a key person for EE in south region of Kazakhstan.

“I thank you for encouraging us during the EE course. Today we have an EE group gathering after the clinic which your team did in our church. It is amazing, how EE changes the children of God! Their eyes are shining when they testify about what happens when they share the Gospel. They’d like to be part of enlarging the Kingdom of God. We train now our people and we train people from other churches—for example sister Halima.

“She was inspired by the EE study and she wanted to prepare evangelists in her church. Yesterday she shared a Gospel to one person and that person received Christ. If you could see how they rejoice, that they can lead unbelievers to Jesus. That sparkle inflames all believers in the church. EE results inspire us. I did not a mistake to use EE in our church. Of course we had some ideas for developing evangelism, but the EE ministry exceeded all our expectations. The Holy Spirit is overfilling us. We have sleepless nights because we so filled with a big joy. We cannot suppress our feeling. Our members would like to teach EE not just in Kazakhstan, but in Russia too. EE changes us and whole world too. Thank you for the EE Ministry!”

In Him,

Please pray for Sasha and his team of godly leaders as they equip people in EE. Thank you so much for your labors for Christ’s Kingdom! I pray you have a blessed week.

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