Dec 10

Despised, Rejected posted by John Sorensen on Dec 10, 2020


Do you ever feel like, as a Christian, your beliefs are rejected by everyone around you? It’s no secret that Christians go against the grain. What seems right to the world can be sinful and the complete opposite of any sense of morality. Do you realize, though, that it’s Christ who is really being rejected? Sadly, this was even prophesied about! Isaiah fifty three verse three said the Messiah would be despised and rejected – held in low esteem by mankind. Can you believe this? The Creator and Redeemer of our souls, rejected? An example of this is found in the Gospel of Luke chapter four where Jesus was driven out of Nazareth after preaching in the synagogue. He was rejected by the very people He came to save. So, don’t be like the Nazarenes – don’t drive Jesus out, but instead, invite others to accept Him as their Savior. If you need help learning how to share the Gospel or would like resources to help you grow in your faith, visit ShareLife.Today.

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