Jul 14

Divine Appointments posted by John Sorensen on Jul 14, 2016


Have you ever heard of the concept of a divine appointment? God working in you and through you to do something particular today.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion International. One day I was in Dallas, Texas and just that morning I had heard a statistician say that more than a third of Americans think about death every day. Simply taking that statistic, I decided to ask the restaurant server if she ever thought about dying. She began to weep and pulled up her sleeves and showed me her wrists. Just a few weeks earlier she had tried to kill herself and was in fact thinking about death even that very day. God used that question in her life so that the Gospel could be shared and she gave her heart to Christ. The truth is that many of us walk past these divine appointments every day. If you’d like to see yourself become one that takes advantage of the divine appointments in your life, we’d love to help. Visit us at where you’ll find helpful witnessing resources including Answers to Tough Questions.

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