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Do Not Lose Heart posted by Evangelism Explosion on Jan 20, 2022


About twenty years ago, I was playing a computer game with my kids. I noticed my son Joshua, who was ten years old at the time, had become very quiet. When I looked at his screen, I noticed the enemy was annihilating him. My daughter Hannah noticed and cried out, “Josh, do you want us to come help?” But Josh replied, “No, it’s over.” He had given up. He had lost heart. That was just a game, but this happens in real life. When we get beat up by circumstances, it seems natural to withdraw for healing or to hide and get away. But second Corinthians four tells us that this thinking is actually backwards. It says, “Since we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.” Our hope has nothing to do with our circumstances or how we feel. Our hope comes from the fact that God has given us a ministry and purpose. Are you using that for Him? To learn more about how you can share your faith, visit our website at share life dot today.

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