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Do you live near someone on death row? posted by jwatson on Jan 25, 2013

Death row is closer than you think.

An EE field worker visited three prisoners where he had the chance to share the Gospel. Even as convicted felons, the men gave “good works” answers as to why they would get into Heaven.

Our field worker (name withheld for security) shared the Gospel with them and all three men made professions of faith in Christ.

We think of death row as inside prison walls for those sentenced to death for their crime. But the reality is that outside prison walls are more people enslaved, sitting and waiting on eternal death row in our churches, neighborhoods and work place who do not know Jesus Christ.

It’s a wake-up call to solidify God’s call upon our lives and to reach out, train up and share the light of the Gospel.

For more on EE prison ministry visit

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