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Does God care about money? posted by jwatson on Jun 30, 2011

I’ve been told that God does not care about money. Is this true?


Of course God is concerned about more than money. The Kingdom of Heaven is not built on earthly or material concerns, and the cost of a redeemed soul cannot be paid with silver, gold, or anything other than the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

But the Bible shows us that God is indeed concerned about money. Consider the fact that during His earthly ministry Jesus spoke more about money than He did about Heaven and Hell. Some of His most familiar parables concern wealth.

God is concerned with our souls, and how we use wealth is a reliable indicator of spiritual health. Perhaps that is why Jesus often draws from the realm of finances to teach in the Gospels. Perhaps He realized that you get someone’s attention when you discuss wealth. Perhaps that is why we are sensitive when money is discussed.

Here are two simple ways to determine your spiritual health: 1) check your calendar and 2) examine your checking account. How you spend your time and money will show what is truly important to you. And since everything we ‘own’ really belongs to the Lord, how we utilize His resources does illustrate our priorities (more on that at another time).

We have hundreds of donors who give sacrificially to EE. These small, steady gifts are the backbone of this ministry. We have other supporters who God has blessed with larger capacities to provide ‘game-changing’ gifts, who can by themselves launch EE into another entire level by themselves. We have a myriad of people in-between these two types of supporters.

The issue is not the amount on the check but rather the amount left in the account. Remember the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-44).

Thank you for your gifts. Every one is appreciated. None are too small or insignificant. All count for the glory of God and the advancement of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Charles Burge is available to provide stewardship guidance. He can be reached via phone at (954)465-2241 or email at [email protected].

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