Mar 22

I Don’t Believe the Bible is True posted by John Sorensen on Mar 22, 2016


As God’s witnesses, here is a very legitimate and reasonable statement that we shouldn’t be surprised to hear:  I don’t believe that the Bible is true.”

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion InternationalSince all of the information we share about God, Jesus and eternal life comes to us from the Bible we should be prepared to respond. There are several ways to address it. One way is to respectfully ask them this question: “What do you believe the Bible’s main message is?” Most people will answer with obeying the Ten Commandments or keeping the Golden Rule. Sadly, those answers would be wrong.  They’re rejecting the Bible without fully understanding its main message of grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ ALONE. Ask your friend if they would allow you to share the Bible’s real main message.  This approach creates an opportunity to share life today.

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