Aug 23

Do’s and Don’ts posted by John Sorensen on Aug 23, 2019


Have you ever said something and immediately thought, ‘why on earth did I say it that way?!’ I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International for Share Life Today. There are plenty of times when we feel like slinking away for saying the wrong thing, but there is good news! The Word of the Lord does not return void! Now, this doesn’t mean you walk up to everyone you want to reach with the Gospel and hit them over the head with a Bible and saying the wrong thing. Concentrate on the portion of the verse that bears on the discussion at the moment, without assuming the person you’re talking to knows much about the Bible. Stress the positive benefits of the Gospel like the unspeakable joy you have because Heaven is a free gift! Trust that the Holy Spirit will do His work; you just need to be obedient! Listen to your friend as they answer your questions and ask how they feel about the news you’re sharing. Above all, be kind and prayerful in your presentation of the Gospel so everyone you talk to can see the goodness of God! Visit ShareLife.Today for more tips and tools.



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