Aug 25

Drug Deals to Hot Meals posted by John Sorensen on Aug 25, 2017


Have you ever imagined what it must be like to spend years of your life behind bars in prison?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.   If you’ve ever been involved in prison ministry, perhaps through your church, you have an idea what I’m talking about.  But Adam knows first hand because he was sentenced to 50 years in prison for drug-related crimes.  Thankfully, while there, he came to Christ and went through a discipleship program that included equipping him to share his faith.  In fact, he says that while doing time, he let “time serve him” as he facilitated evangelism classes for the prison Chaplain for years, leading many inmates to faith in Christ and training and equipping hundreds of others to share their faith.  Miraculously, after serving 20 years, Adam was released early.  Now, he’s gone from dealing drugs to serving hot meals and the Gospel to the homeless and formerly incarcerated.  Do you or someone in your church feel a calling to prison ministry?  If so, we can help.  Visit

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