Mar 28

Duty vs Delight posted by John Sorensen on Mar 28, 2019


If someone tells you that you HAVE to do something, you don’t really want to do it anymore, do you?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International for Share Life Today. Do you feel the same way about prayer? You know you’re supposed to spend time praying, but it’s hard to stay focused and to find the time. It feels like a duty. But God doesn’t want it to be that way! He wants you to find delight in talking to Him! It may not come easily at first, but if you’re disciplined in prayer, you’ll soon find that prayer is a privilege and a very important tool! Communication is vital to any relationship, and Jesus desperately wants to have a deep relationship with you! If you will seek God’s face – and fix your eyes on Him, all else will fade away and you’ll be able to really have conversations with the Lord! If you need help learning how to pray like Jesus, we would love to train you! Visit ShareLife.Today to learn about the Prayer Network.

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