Dec 20

Eager to Witness posted by John Sorensen on Dec 20, 2019


Is witnessing for Jesus Christ a part of your everyday life?    For some people witnessing just comes naturally.  It really is a way of life and they see opportunities everywhere and can’t wait to start a Gospel conversation.  But for most of us, witnessing is a scary prospect – I know it was for me before I learned EE’s Gospel presentation.  And learning to share my faith wasn’t something that just happened automatically.  I had to consciously work at it until witnessing became a way of life.  Randall from New Mexico  shared that, “Now realizing that God is in control of the outcome, I’m becoming more comfortable in obediently and eagerly sharing Christ’s Gospel message with others.  He does the saving; my only part is delivering his message with godly reverence and loving care.  The only way I can fail is by refusing to do my relatively tiny part.” So, pray f Visit our website at sharelife dot today for witnessing tips, videos and equipping resources to help you share your faith.  That’s sharelife dot today.

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