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You and I are called to live and to share the “Easter life.” posted by jwatson on Mar 16, 2011

Help spread Easter life to others through a new Matching Challenge Fund.

In a world filled with upheaval, we are called to the Easter life. In a world increasingly becoming more secular and materialistic this “Easter life” is our bedrock.

At Hope for Kids workshops, children’s leaders pray with the kids, participate in crafts, and teach through the “God section” of the Gospel.

An Easter life is a transformed life through Christ alone, and it has been the EE vision that every person on the planet would hear this message. It is the heart and soul of what Easter is all about and it compels EE to train more and more people to reach more and more people with the Gospel. We have accelerated our efforts to this end.

  • A wonderful partnership, and global undertaking, with OneHope, called Hope for Kids (HFK), could surpass our goal of reaching 20 million kids with the Gospel
  • The innovative Global Development Project (GDP) has not only jump-started our implementation rate among churches, but has skyrocketed the implementation of EE worldwide

And coming out of the March 2010 Congress of Nations meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

  • New tools and training events are being formed on how best to do EE in those difficult environments where our people serve, places that prohibit and/or discourage Christian proselytizing

Can it be that the worldwide crises we read about today have people more focused on life eternal? As our EE President, John Sorensen said, “We have no problem getting people to go. Our challenge is getting the funds to send them.”

You can help us meet that challenge with a new Matching Challenge Fund

One of our gracious donors saw the unique ways in which EE is breaking down strongholds and spreading the Gospel, so he donated a $10,000 matching challenge fund. Your gift before Easter will be matched dollar-for-dollar by this challenge fund.

This doubles your gift which doubles the work we can do to impact lives for Christ.

This Easter, please prayerfully consider what God would have you give to help us continue to equip and send more field workers to assist pastors; to equip and send more children’s workers to train up kids so they can share the Gospel and lay a foundation for spiritual growth in other children; to equip and support our staff who work in areas where imprisonment, torture and even death can result from Gospel outreach; and to strengthen and multiply our other ministries to reach this multiplying population. To make a donation, visit our online donation page.

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