Apr 18

Easy to learn, fun to share, nearly impossible to forget (video) posted by jwatson on Apr 18, 2013

Did you realize that 95% of Christians never personally lead anyone to Christ? 

This was not always the case.  Personal evangelism was a hallmark of the early church.  Jesus called His disciples to follow Him and then promised that he would make them to be fishers of men, (Matthew 4:19). Everyone who truly follows Christ in the way He has called us will be an active fisher of men. The Book of Acts reveals that all the early believers were going about “preaching the Word” or sharing their faith. They were not just leaving the work of evangelism up to the church leadership, (Acts 8:1,4).

While most would acknowledge the priority of the Great Commission, few churches and fewer believers are experiencing an effective outreach ministry to the lost.

Evangelism Explosion’s one-day Share Your Faith workshop is a great introduction on how any Christian can share the Gospel easily and effectively.

The primary reason believers are not actively sharing their faith today?  We believe that it is because they have not been adequately equipped to do so.  Our ministries have demonstrated time and time again that a believer who knows what to say and how to say it suddenly discovers a brand new enthusiasm and effectiveness for sharing his or her faith in their daily life experience.

For more about our Share Your Faith 0ne-day workshops:


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