Jan 28

Easy Truth and Hard Truth posted by John Sorensen on Jan 28, 2016


Do you prefer the easy days or the hard days?   The easy assignments or the hard assignments?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  The answer to my questions is easy!  We prefer the easy.  The same applies to the Bible and what it says.  However, since we believe ALL of what the Bible has to say, we must take both the EASY and the HARD teachings.  For most people, Heaven is on the easy list and Hell is on the hard list.  Do you know what is a lot harder than the Bible’s teaching about Hell?  The answer – spending eternity in Hell.  And this is where we, as followers of Christ, come into the picture.  We possess the Good News – the message of the only solution to the bad news of sin and Hell.  So, let’s not ignore the hard and the difficult. Let’s meet it head on and overwhelm it by speaking the Good News of the Gospel.

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