Feb 21

Easy Way posted by John Sorensen on Feb 21, 2020


Looking for an easy way to share the Gospel? Share YOUR story. You may be wondering…what does that have to do with Jesus? Everything! The Lord has created you with a very unique story, meant to be shared with the people you’re around. Your story could be exactly what they need to hear in order to come to saving faith in Jesus. No story is too small, no past too rough for God to use! People don’t want stones thrown at them, but they do want to hear how someone has been changed for the better. And that’s exactly what Jesus does. He takes our past and our sinfulness and He covers it with His grace if we will repent. So, tell your story of how He did that for you. Share what life was like before Christ, how you found out about His grace and how much better life is with the assurance of eternal life through Jesus. For more Gospel tips and tools, visit ShareLife.Today. That’s ShareLife.Today.

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