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EE Family Perseveres posted by jwatson on Oct 31, 2011

Thanksgiving season is upon us and it’s a wonderful time to make a habit of thankfulness to God a daily reality. Yet, around the world, there are EE families who have committed their lives to the ministry, but find themselves in times of great trial and may be having difficulty being thankful right now. Here, we share one story. You can learn of others at

David’s Story

David became ill while attending an Africa EE training event in Yaounde, Cameroon this past summer. At the age of 43, he died over five thousand miles away from his wife, Sakara, and two children ages nine and four.

The cost to return his body for burial was more money than his family had ever seen in their entire lives. Thankfully, our EE family gave the money to provide for his body to be returned to Mali, in western Africa, and buried. But now his wife and children are left without a husband, father, and provider. Their resources were already slim.

Their family looks at this as a test from God and knows that their tears will be turned into gladness. They rejoice that David fought the good fight, kept the faith, and finished the race.

Learn how you can help this family.

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