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EE Internships Help Young People Hear God’s Call posted by John Sorensen on Jul 18, 2013

Every summer young people travel around the world to immerse themselves in new surroundings, share the Gospel, and find their lives transformed via EE’s summer internship program.

Training, evangelism, community service projects, recreational adventures, and time to seek God’s call are all part of what young men and women discover when they intern with us in Washington, D.C., the South Pacific, Asia, or Africa.

“This is the best six weeks, the best internship, you’ll ever have,” says a former intern. “You’ll bear fruit on this internship and you’ll learn how to bear fruit for the rest of your life.”

“Absolutely do it,” says another. “This internship has changed my life and just boosted my spiritual walk with God and it’s going to do the same if you decide to come.”

Interns expand their evangelistic skills, learn missions theology, and grow in their knowledge and trust in God. They also find a context in which they can discover for themselves whether God is calling them to full-time ministry.

Abby Berg interned last year with EE’s Center for Christian Statesmanship (CCS) on Capitol Hill. “I had never gone out and done evangelism before,” she said. “I was terrified. CCS helped encourage me to share my faith with others. It was very worthwhile.”

“There are not enough Christians who have an evangelistic mindset entering into politics,” says Abby who now works in a Congressional office. “This is definitely where God wanted me to be right now. And I wouldn’t be here if not for CCS.”Fiji Interns

Austin Henckel traveled to Fiji last year to intern at the D. James and Anne Kennedy Training Center. Since then he’s led a middle-school youth group at his church in Colorado and seen many kids come to Christ. He’s also led two EE teams and is heading to Chicago next month to start his studies at Moody Bible Institute.

Austin is thrilled at what God is doing in his life: “I am beyond blessed and thankful to have all of the opportunities that this year has brought, and I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures God has waiting for me at Moody! He’s not finished with me yet!”

Two-hundred interns have participated in our programs over the last four years. Our prayer is to see at least 25 percent of these promising, gifted, and energetic young people enter full-time ministry. As Langdon Stewart, EE’s internship coordinator says, “Come and find out what God wants to do with your life.”

To learn more about our EE internship program and find out if it’s right for you, visit our internship page.

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