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EE Mercy Ministry Provides Eyesight Help for Hindus posted by jwatson on Feb 15, 2013

Pastor John has a heart for reaching the Hindus of Fiji with the Gospel. Of East Indian descent himself, Pastor John lives in a two-room house with his wife and five children. All of them were trained to make eyeglasses through EE’s Glasses for Missions (GFM) ministry.

GFM provides free prescription reading glasses for people who could not read otherwise. What a wonderful and natural way to lead into a conversation about the One Who made the blind to see!

Word spread like wildfire when Pastor John and his team traveled to a small village in the hills for a scheduled clinic. A large crowd gathered for free eyeglasses and to hear the Gospel clearly and simply presented. Many believed, embraced Christ, and were ridding themselves of Hindu rituals in no time at all.

Pastor John says how difficult it has been to reach the Indian people who are scattered across many miles. But the Glasses for Missions ministry peaks their interest and gathers them together where clinics are conducted.

Please pray for Pastor John and his team as they seek to share ‘new sight’ with Hindus of Fiji.


Pastor John at left and Scot Love, GFM Ministry Coordinator, at right, pictured with Fijians who participated in the GFM clinic.

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