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EE Poised to Meet Haiti’s Most Critical Needs of the Hour posted by jwatson on Feb 15, 2010

The greatest physical need in the Haiti earthquake zone, according to our man on the ground, Don Warren, is CLEAN WATER. The greatest spiritual need, of course, is the LIVING WATER of Jesus Christ!

The water delivery system in the quake zone has been ruined. People are drinking and gathering water from broken pipes, contaminated sources and sitting pools. When the rains come (now over due) this drastic situation will become even more critical further spawning the intestinal diseases already affecting thousands. Within one 48 hour period, Don was able to assemble and deliver 425 bucket-water filters through EE churches in the center of the affected area with tremendous results. The joy among the people was nearly uncontainable as they spread out to offer both clean water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ to their friends and neighbors!

Listen to Don’s vision: “Water gathering is simply part of everyone’s daily life. It is part of the culture and embedded, by necessity, into the work of each day. And a bucket in a Haitian family is a badge of association. It is a walking advertisement of who has provided for them. Picture, if you will, thousands of buckets with EE’s two question marks stencilled large on the bucket. Inside the bucket, a water filter, and along with the bucket, Kid’s EE tracts and materials and copies of One Hope books, all in Creole. This is a resource and distribution opportunity poised to flood the seismic zone with the most immediate physical need, clean water, and the greatest spiritual need, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is a tremendous opportunity because there is just no organized way to deliver needed aid that is piling up in area depots and no feasible way to provide bottled water to such a large and needy population. Yet because of EE relationships built among local churches all over Haiti we have the names and contact information of thousands of people and their churches who are prepared to deliver clean water along with the Living Water throughout the affected area. All they need are the bucket-filters and the instruction to use them.

So, in addition to what we are already doing through EE Haiti, we are taking on this Water project as well.

A water filter, clean bucket and Gospel materials are being delivered for $50 each.

If you would like to help with this worthy project you may donate on our website under “Haiti Outreach.”

Thank you for your partnership at this critical time.

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