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EE Receives Amazing Christmas Gift posted by jwatson on Jan 19, 2012

For years, The Brook at Bethpage assisted ministry workers, particularly pastors and missionaries, who needed a time of respite from their arduous work. Their beautiful property, located in the rolling hills at the foot of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri re-energized ministers of the Lord for their work of service.

Recently, the Board of Directors of The Brook at Bethpage has transferred ownership of the ministry and its properties to EE international.  Founder and Brook Board member, Gaines Dittrich commented, “We feel we are not really handing the ministry ‘over’ to EE International, rather, we feel we are handing it ‘up’ [to greater potential for ministry impact].”

This amazing gift will become the fourth D. James and Anne Kennedy Training Center for World Evangelism, following the models EE has established in Ukraine, Fiji and Malawi in Africa.  In this way, EE’s North America field staff will be able to come for regular training events, as well as hosting special events for pastors to help them in their ministry work.

We will continue in the tradition of The Brook at Bethpage to restore the weary and re-invigorate them to return to service, and we express our humble gratitude for this remarkable gift.

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